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Build Log: Completing the X-1

Last weekend I completed the painting of the X-1. The goal this weekend was to finish the build, add the details, and complete it. The X-1 didn’t have a lot of decals, so that made things a little easier. There were some challenges, though. I noted a couple of errors in the model kit instructions. […]

Build Log: Painting the X-1

After the assembly last week, I started in on the painting. I set down a couple of coats of Tamiya Orange Laquer, thinned about 50% in the airbrush. I set down two quick coats one after the other, with a little time to dry. The paint went on fairly well, with just a bit of […]

Build Log: Bell X-1 Main Assembly

Last weekend I focused on wrapping up the cockpit build. This weekend, the focus was on putting together the main model itself. Ultimately, I made the decision not to use the pilot on this build. I wasn’t happy with the way that paint-job turned out, and the rest of the cockpit paint looked really good […]